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NOTE: Materials with locations and Call Numbers information are available in the University of Malaya Library Collection. Visit our Pendeta WebPAC to see the availability.

Abdullah Mohd. Tahir. The communication system in the University of Malaya administration with special reference to the faculty of economics and administration. Za'ba Memorial Library / HB31 1969/70ABDMT

Alias Ali. Personnel administration in the University of Malaya. Za'ba Memorial Library / HB31 1969/70ALIA.

Aziz Zariza Ahmad. (1982). Sebutir permata di menara gading: Profesor Di Raja Ungku Aziz. Petaling Jaya: International Book Service. Za'ba Memorial Library/ DS597.215 A956 Azi

Khoo, Kay Kim. 100 years the University of Malaya. Main Library & Za'ba Memorial Library / LG173 A5KHO.

Lim, Chung Tat. University of Malaya 1949 to 1985 : its establishment, growth and development. Za'ba Memorial Library / LG173 A2LIM.

Michael, Rex-Cordium Christi. The role of the Vice-Chancellor in the decision-making process of the University of Malaya. Za'ba Memorial Library / HB31 1969/70MIC.

Nor Edzan Haji Che Nasir. The Museum of Asian Art, University of Malaya : an invitation to explore. APRU Research Symposium on University Museums : Forming a University Museum Collection Network as the Core of Frontier Research (11-14 Sep 2012 : Kyoto, Japan). Proceedings (Kyoto, Japan : Kyoto University, 2012), p.121. PPZ. Koleksi Persidangan.

Persatuan Alumni Universiti Malaya. The University of Malaya : the calling of Pantai Valley : from nation building to an icon of knowledge. Main Library & Za'ba Memorial Library / LA1238 UNI.

Sharmane Raphae. The internationalisation of higher education at the University of Malaya : a critical discourse analysis. Main Library & Lang & Linguistics Library / PE1128 UM 2010 SHA

Surhone, Lambert M. University of Malaya : Association of Commonwealth Universities, Association of Pacific Rim Universities, Association of Southeast Asian Institution of Higher Learning. Main Library & Za'ba Memorial Library / LG173 A1SUR Universiti Malaya. Bahagian Hal Ehwal Pelajar & Alumni. The launch of the University of Malaya alumni chapter (Singapore). Za'ba Memorial Library / LG173 A2UMBHEPA

Universiti Malaya. Pameran untuk memperingati wujudnya 40 tahun pendidikan universiti di Malaysia dan Singapura 1949-1989 : Exhibition to commemorate forthy years of university education in Malaysian and Singapore 1949-1989. Za'ba Memorial Library / LG173 A5UMPP.

University of Malaya. University of Malaya golden jubilee celebrations : 50 years of higher education, October 1955. Main Library/ LG396 A6

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