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Profesor DiRaja Ungku Aziz: The Renaissance Man

This is a special exhibition dedicated to the Royal Professor Ungku Abdul Aziz. He is the former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Malaya from 1968 to 1988 and he was awarded the title of Professor Diraja (Regius Professor) in 1978. Before he graduated with a PhD from Waseda University in Tokyo,he studied at English College Johore Bahru his secondary school.

Letters and Certificates of Congratulation


LETTERS AND CERTIFICATES OF CONGRATULATION on the occasion of the installation of the Honourable Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, Al-Haj, K.O.M., C.H. as the first Chancellor of the University of Malaya on 16th June 1962.

Exhibited here are some of the unique letters and certificates from the event in the UM Memory collection. They were received from various universities around the world. Besides, some of them were received from overseas education consulates and associations. 

University Hospital

The University of Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) was previously known as University Hospital. On 5th. August 1968, the University Hospital (now the University of Malaya Medical Centre or UMMC) was officially opened by His Majesty the Yang Dipertuan Agung, Duli Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Dipertuan Agung Tuanku Ismail Nasarudin Shah Ibni Alharmahum Sultan Zainal Abidin.

UMMC has since expanded rapidly from its original sole tower and ancillary blocks and now is a medical complex with the addition of a primary care medicine building (1992), an east wing containing the expanded Clinical Diagnostic Lab and Clinical Services Complex (1997) and a Trauma & Emergency building (2003). 

The purpose of this exhibtion is to highlight the history and development of the University of Malaya Medical Centre on its early days.

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The Secret of Success: Muhammad Yusoff Sultan Maidin

This exhibit explores the life and literary works of prolific author Muhammad Yusoff Sultan Maidin (1894-1945). It focuses on his writings which are unique in its own way. Muhammad Yusof was a man of incredible insight and was known to write his cause and ideas in a radical manner. All his books were produced in Jawi script and currently available in Za’ba Library.

His original works are:-

  1. Boria dan benchananya (1922)
  2. Syair Boria (1922)
  3. Rahasia Kejayaan (1923)
  4. Hikayat Tuan Puteri Nurul Nahar (1929)
  5. Kejatuhan kaum Islam dan pergerakan baru (1931)

Works translated by him are:

  1. Pelayaran Guliver ke Pulau Lilipan (1928)
  2. Kisah-kisah pelayaran Sinbad (1930)


Rare and Special Collection Online Exhibition

Za'ba Library holds many early printed and rare books acquired either through purchase or generous donations from scholars and other individuals. These resources will serve as a source of learning and research for the campus community. Effort is made to maximise the impact of these resources with careful planning and sensible utilization so that it will benefit present and future generations. Many of these items are rare, irreplaceable and share the following characteristics :

  1. Old and vulnerable but the information in the items are valuable.
  2. Uniqueness such as fine bindings, books with valuable prints or original photographs and extra illustrated books etc.
  3. Scarcity in other research libraries regardless of age (limited editions).

This online exhibition is a display of some of the special collection available in our holdings. Please click on the text "Books on Display".

Hari Raya : Narratives and Rituals

To mark the end of the fasting month of Ramadan, Hari Raya Puasa or the festival of Eid is celebrated as the victory for completing the fast and overcoming personal struggles during Ramadan. Hari Raya Aidilfitri also signifies the start of a new month, Syawal.

This online exhibition is an opportunity to reflect on history as well as an avenue to highlight the University of Malaya Library's special collection. We invite you to explore some rare editions of items on Hari Raya from as early as 1935. All items are available at Za'ba Library. Please click on the image to get more details of each item.

To proceed, just click Cards on Display on top.

Hari Merdeka : The Spirit of Independent Malaysia

To commemorate the nation’s Independence Day, we invite you to celebrate the freedom and independence gained by reflecting or reminiscing history of the country from its embryo stage to what is now a transformed and thriving global nation.

The Merdeka celebration also serves as a reminder to all Malaysians to appreciate the struggles and sacrifices that our Founding Fathers, leaders and many other unsung heroes have undergone to liberate the country and fight for independence that it craved for. 

Today, Malaysians celebrate the Independence Day with the Merdeka parade, fireworks and patriotic songs. A logo and theme; usually a slogan that promotes ethnic unity and cultural diversity are assigned each year.

During the Merdeka Parade, there would be various processions, military demonstration, cultural performances and other interesting events to fill the day. Ordinary folks from all walks of life would stand by the roadside, cheerfully waving the country’s flags.

We wish everyone Happy National Day!


Special highlight of Archives Unit Collection. The exhibit items are categorised as Research Collection.

Nostalgia : Recollections of University of Malaya

Browse through selected nostalgic photos over the years which encapsulate the essence of the University itself. May we cherish the years passed and look forward to many more years of triumph and accomplishment together.

One Thousands Million Smiles...Sudirman Hj Arshad

Pameran 'One Thousand Million Smiles'...Sudirman Haji Arshad diadakan sempena mengenang jasa beliau sebagai Alumni Universiti Malaya yang juga memegang rekod sebagai penghibur nombor 1 Asia. 

Objektif utama pameran ini diadakan khas untuk mempamerkan koleksi beliau sebagai insan seni yang luar biasa bakatnya. 

Antara koleksi yang dipamerkan meliputi karya tulisan beliau, poster, keratan akhbar, piring hitam, kaset, CD, koleksi gambar, filem lakonan, buku, artikel dan tesis mengenai beliau. Pameran ini turut berkongsi maklumat peribadi beliau yang meliputi biodata diri, pencapaian, sumbangan dan sebagainya.