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Hari Merdeka : The Spirit of Independent Malaysia


To commemorate the nation’s Independence Day, we invite you to celebrate the freedom and independence gained by reflecting or reminiscing history of the country from its embryo stage to what is now a transformed and thriving global nation.

The Merdeka celebration also serves as a reminder to all Malaysians to appreciate the struggles and sacrifices that our Founding Fathers, leaders and many other unsung heroes have undergone to liberate the country and fight for independence that it craved for. 

Today, Malaysians celebrate the Independence Day with the Merdeka parade, fireworks and patriotic songs. A logo and theme; usually a slogan that promotes ethnic unity and cultural diversity are assigned each year.

During the Merdeka Parade, there would be various processions, military demonstration, cultural performances and other interesting events to fill the day. Ordinary folks from all walks of life would stand by the roadside, cheerfully waving the country’s flags.

We wish everyone Happy National Day!


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